In 2016, YES SIAM started with software development works.

Wittaya, founder, who works as software engineer since 1999.

In 2017, we started distribution grease products to industrial factory, oil, lubricant, oil spray, etc.

Our products

Industrial grease for small machine or large machine, high-temp. resistance, anti-seize, megalite grease
Food grade grease
cleansing, degreasing, rush inhibitor spray
Mold cleaner, degreasing solvent, scale remover
Hydraulic oil, Gear oil, Rush guard, Non toxic oil

About us

Yes Siam Co., Ltd. founded in 2017 by Wittaya Piyawannarat whom graduated in Computer Engineering from Mahanakorn University of Technology in 1997. Started software development jobs since 1999.

In 2018, We started distribution of industrial lubricant, oil, and grease.